September 20, 2007

three things for an evening

Toasty in front of the heater last week with my fave red shoes that i really should replace...
The fabric i shouldn't have bought from a few blogs ago - i have no idea what i'm going to do with it (isn't that always the way with your favourite fabrics?!) so it's complementing my pile of mags on the table at the mo. And the beginnings of a pair of arm warmers to go with my snowboarding set up. There's nothing worse than getting ice down your wrist!

mmmmmmm lolly cake - for those who have never had it before (oh the humanity!) it's pretty simple:

crush one packet of malt biscuits

melt about 200grams of butter (no idea what this is in pounds sorry!)

chop a bag of eskimo lollies (hard marshmallow things)

throw in half a tin of condensed milk

mix it up, roll it up, roll in coconut and put in the fridge for a few hours. easy peasy!

And i finished the scarf in the photo - it was a sick day project - and got lots of nice comments on it when i wore it to work this week. :)

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