April 16, 2008

the wheels on the bus

Normally i avoid the number 14 bus like the plague...it takes way too long to get over the hill through Roseneath and into Kilbirnie. This evening, though, I figured i may as well as it turned before any others going my way. And what an entertaining journey. 

I love early evening in winter, rainy, grey, cool and beautifully accented by light - cars, windows, buses, traffic lights. We went along Oriental bay and I was treated to some voyeuristic peeks into people's lives - their windows lit up for everyone to see them cooking dinner, relaxing, 'getting home'. 

The bus driver, however, was even better entertainment. The happiest one i have ever come across. Greeted everyone like an old friend, announced every stop, just like the trams in Melbourne - "coming up, James Smith's!" And when the bus was full, he stood up and asked all school kids to stand up and use their manners so the adults could sit down. Gold. Then, when there was noone to talk to, he sang. 

He single-handedly proved the old adage that if you are nice to people, they will be nice to you. By the time anyone got off the bus, they had a great smile on their face. I bet he had the best day out of any bus driver - because he decided to love his job and be nice to every single person who got on his ride. 


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

I had him on the number 1 the other day! He was awesome - I smiled the whole bus trip home. Which is no mean feat - usually I have a look of fear plastered on my face due to the craziness of the bus driver. Honestly, do they wish to kill us all!?

lovestitches said...

He teaches history sometimes too if he's going past Taranaki St. I've never met another bus driver who loves their job so much.

tash* said...

Isn't he brilliant? Would love to hear a history lesson. Perhaps we should start an appreciation club just for him :)