April 11, 2008

Come visit!

I am off to Aro Street Market today - come and say hello! It's outside the Aro Valley Community Centre on Aro Street, from 11am to 3pm (though we do get there earlier).

There'll  be live music, coffee, food, great bargains (including second hand goodies) and plenty of fun people to meet.

Today, I shall be hocking off old sewing patterns - some never used! And maybe some fabric along with the usual ipod covers, cards, tote bags and the boy's cameras. 

Perfect day for it!

oooh and i just noticed that i'm almost at the 100 blog mark - what shall i do to celebrate?


Louise said...

Whoops - I missed the Aro St fair again! I haven't made it yet. I usually realise the week afterwards. Hope you had a good day.

tash* said...

thanks! We had a great day, next time i'll try provide a bit more notice :)