April 21, 2008

Crafternoon tea goodness

I really need to come up with some better titles. Or maybe i'll just give them up altogether. hmm.

Crafternoon tea was a great success! I finally got to meet the lovely Nikki, who blew me away with her knitting know-how - you rock! I taught my sister and friend the joys of casting on, and i think we managed to convince both that holes are arty. And that it gets easier. My other friend Bex, who i taught last year, is giving it another go after struggling with way small needles and yarn and has gone for the fat stuff. Her scarf literally doubled in length while she was there. Woohoo to the knitting converts!

The subject of my grandma came up very briefly and i remembered that somewhere i had hidden a shawl that she gave me for my 21st. I have never worn it but feel terribly lucky to have it. It is called 'Reflections' and is better travelled than I am - it's won a few awards at exhibitions as Grandma has a tendency to borrow it back to take to various things with her. I failed at finding it yesterday afternoon but then had a brainwave last night and did a wee fashion shoot with it. 
So am terribly consumed by inspiration from loads of crafty people surrounding me at the moment, and oh how i wish to craft full time...

And yes, there will be another crafternoon tea - for any in Wellington who would like to come, let me know! The next one may be this Sunday, but being a long weekend am not quite sure what turn out will be like. Could just be me and my needles!
The best road sign ever! Think my camera needs to accompany me out more...


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Knitting know-how? My incessant babble? I am such a geek.

Anyway, can't wait for the next one, shawl is beeeeautiful, and that sign rocks!!

Louise said...

Great shawl! Looks pretty scary with all those lace stitches tho - too complex for me!
That's a great road-sign. I think I need one above my sewing desk that says "crafting"!