April 2, 2008

Just 'cos

More of the same really - pottering along, work isn't too crazy at the moment which is wonderful - i've been coming home lately not feeling totally stretched to the limit and wound up. So I can just potter around and bake chocolate cakes. And spend too much time on the net. 
Am trying to sort things out so i can go on a date tomorrow (is it a date? not sure. hmm) without having to come home after and stress about all the things that need doing before i go to Taupo for the weekend and a newbie moves into the flat on Saturday (while i'm not here! uh oh!).
Confused? Me too. 
I'm also really bummed because i'm missing THREE fairs by going away this weekend. I committed myself to the trip before i realised. So to anyone who goes to Aro Street Market, Mighty Mighty Market or Kilbirnie Fair, have a great time for me!

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