December 29, 2008

The only reason i'm writing this is because i'm procrastinating from cleaning. Bleugh, cleaning. And it's too hot. 
The hedgehog that has moved into my parents' backyard. We fed him salmon for dinner. mmm salmon

How about some gratuitous photos of animals and flowers to liven things up? Taken with my pretty new cybershot that FITS IN MY HANDBAG! can you tell that excites me? I am still in love with the Canon S2IS, but it's such a pain to carry around all the time. And it's a bit embarrassing that even though it's only about 3 years old, it has fewer megapixels than the Cybershot (5 compared to 7.2). Plus it's little enough to fit one of the many many large iPod covers still lying around, so it looks even prettier.
Thinking about London (only two months to go!) has got me thinking about cameras. As in, which ones to take. 
The Cybershot will go in my bag, but will it be too much to take the S2IS too? And then there's the Polaroid which i don't want to let go but hardly ever use, and i'd really like to take my Dad's 1984 Canon SLR (no D in that, it's all 35mm film) for its second OE. 

Four cameras really would be a bit overkill, and no doubt when i get there and earn squillions (haha) i'll want to pick up some serious camera fun in the way of a Canon EOS once i've figured out how to keep from being mugged while i walk around with it.

To finish: an interesting post on a blog i don't usually read. I think all her points are completely valid - and then the comments remind why on some sites i don't bother reading all that toxic hot air. When i was employed by a certain someone comments used to make me angry and upset, and then i read an article somewhere (can't remember) that had a whole pile of stats about blog readers  and commenters. Instead of going into loads of detail, basically it made me feel better. And taught me to just ignore the nasty ones. Obviously on all the lovely crafty blogs around, rarely is anyone nasty.

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styler said...

oo oo if you don't take the Polaroid i will buy it.

personally i think you should go for the new one, as i bet it has better battery life and if you plan ahead you could buy one of those eyefi cards and then all your photos go straight to flickr with a click of a button from your camera