December 12, 2008

an epic post. oh yeah.

(the 'love, me' bit is there because for some reason i was thinking about Meredith's speech to Derek about how he should pick her over Addison when  i was embroidering ...)

right, so clearly this life of leisure has not resulted in an increase in blog posts. So i shall do the WHOLE two past weeks of my life via bullet-pointing:
  • i turned 25. i rather like the number, and hope it will be better than 24 
  • i fell UP the stairs at my party and got an awesome bruise on my knee
  • one of my old friends who had just got back from the UK came to my party (yay!)
  • i sat in the sunshine
  • i started going to spinning classes (as in biking). they're amazing.
  • i completed an entire game of indoor netball without feeling remotely puffed, just hot.
  • i sewed
  • i burned my finger on a bowl i was taking out of the microwave. Said bowl says 'microwave safe' on its bottom. my ass
  • i went out and got fabulously drunk with the awesome people from the Wellingtonista. They are cool.
  • i sold the car (yuss! more life of leisureness for me)
  • i had the best cupcake ever from Tempt at Smith the Grocer
  • i missed out on the last of the cheap one way tickets to london so am stuck here til march still. i was hoping to change it to beginning of feb. oh well
  • i got addicted to Parliament TV. like a crack whore, only with politics
  • i was in a car accident. i banged my head, got a bruise on my arm, climbed out of my dad's car and people stood around looking at me to make it all better. for once, just for once, i wanted not to be the person who takes control of a situation. but i did, and turning around to see the brother of a good friend right next me when i needed someone, and giving him a giant hug, somehow got me through the waiting for police bit. There are several parts i distinctly remember - like staring at this other person heading straight for me and knowing that there was no way of avoiding IT from happening. For legal reasons i probably shouldn't say more. i'm a safe driver is probably the best way of putting it.
And now i'm thinking i could either get all morose and grumpy about how crap the past year has been (like i have been the past couple of days) or i could make frigging lemonade. I pick lemonade. 

This coming week sees me having coffees, going to spinning, sewing, knitting, tidying, and starting to think about Christmas. I haven't begun my Christmas shopping, and i'm thinking i might just not. In my old age i'm getting a bit anti-materialistic and so i'm going to attempt to make all my presents. 

In order to not feel so slack on the web front, i'm going to try and post everyday til Christmas. oooer, now there's a challenge...

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