December 18, 2008

Obviously, the TAWAs were fun. 

Now i have to spend an entire day cleaning the house, thinking about Christmas, and stressing about the fact it is now not even a week away. Where on earth has December gone?

So to procrastinate from thinking about said Christmas, it's photo time.

There has been a noticable increase in graffiti of all kinds around Wellington over the past few months, including some very clever 'paste-ups'. Being a lady of leisure means that I have the, er, leisure, to walk round town, find and photograph the work of some mysterious peeps.

And now for a little bit of Christmas:


Nikki said...

Awesome street art. Love it.

I wonder if the 'You are beautiful' person is the same one I stumbled across in blog land at some point. I've searched for the for ages and can't remember where I read about them! ARGH

Nikki said...

Or maybe it's part of this: