August 30, 2008

Whanau and shindigs

l-r me! Dad, my sis Ana(dress made by moi), mum, my lil bro Jonny, and not so little little bro Toby. Noticable in his absence, my big bro David - who is on a plane to Japan. Jealous!

Now for something completely!

My sister's 21st was a whole load of fun. I thought her being 21 would make me feel old, but the complete opposite seemed to happen. The idea of a big milestone party got me super excited, and i had a chance to properly dress up for once. 

When i was 7th form (or year 13, or whatever) my lil sis was a turd. I got lumped with peer support duties and had a great class of third formers to make buddies with, and buddy up we did. They were awesome kids, though quite often i was disturbed by what dirty little minds they had.

About half way through the year my sister came and told me about how one of her mates had cracked up at the fact that i was friends with them before they got to be friends with my sister. 
And she has some great friends, and they kind of all end up becoming mates of mine by default. My point is that hanging out with them makes me feel young, not old and crusty like i actually am... :)

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