August 28, 2008

giddy excitement

I have:

  • a mini bottle of fluro pink nail polish (finally!)
  • black wool suiting
  • silver shot metallic fabric
  • black shot metallic fabric
  • a pattern from burdastyle (free!)
  • Black Seeds
  • a 21st (my sister's, ohhh i feel...young!)
  • a giddy excitement about designing and sewing one of my very excited!
The 21st is tomorrow night. Yes, I am mad. I inherited it from my mother - all three balls i went to at school, she or i would still be sewing while people arrived for the pre-ball. It was stressy, but so much fun.

I had some time out today to do a bit of shopping for something to wear, but couldn't find anything i liked that was under, oh, $300. and that picture in my mind didn't appear on the racks anywhere. So i've dreamed something up instead. Fingers crossed it works. I need to channel some sewer's patience to be sure it comes out just right.

Pictures tomorrow :)

oh a not so exciting note, the anticipated work madness is creeping up on i am resigned to the fact i will end up at my desk on sunday. But now, to sew!

1 comment:

Sonja said...

Inherited from your mother! I'll have you know this is a genetic condition honestly passed down to you from at least three (probably more) generations of European women - my mother, her mother and I think even her mother!