August 19, 2008

oh, for snow!

I'm going snowboarding tomorrow! I get to play in 4.5m of snow, and 1m of it is almost brand new! sooooo very excited...and so very grateful to my boss for letting me go. 

I also went out for a run with a guy i work with today. We keep hassling each other about if we've been for one, and i meant to go yesterday but got distracted with the triathlon.

I almost died. Well, not really. But he runs way faster than i do and totally pushed me to keep up the whole time, and told me not to stop. It was hard, but at the end of it i felt awesome. Compared to my usual cruisy run, it was a bit of a shock to the system. 

It was over 6 hours ago, and i'm still feeling amazing for it. like i could go leap buildings in a single bound. Combined with the excitement of going snowboarding, i'm more than a bit giddy. 

I did do some sewing on the weekend - i've almost finished the wasp bag, though i'm already planning some pattern amendments. I realised how much i love sewing again, i so don't do enough of it these days...

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