June 26, 2008

umm.. errr yesss...it has been about ten days since last posting. ummm...no excuse really. The dog ate my homework (i don't have a dog). I have been thinking about blogging plenty though, as loads of things are making me go 'hmmm' at the moment.

There are so many sad, depressing things going on at the moment that it would be quite easy to get all glum and think that the world is going down the toilet. The simple solution is to get angry and take it out on other people. But i think it's up to everyone to really go out of their way and pass positivity around...it's easy to get angry when someone bumps into you in the street. I say if more people made the effort to even just smile at someone at the supermarket check out, or let someone on the bus before you, not only does it make you feel good but it all gets passed on. Like a ripple in a pool.

Anyway, I think it's up to US to be the difference and not always blame it on THEM. It's about time people took responsibility for their own happiness and well being instead of expecting someone else to come along and be the quick fix by waving some perceived magic wand. And for those who can't help themselves we should be taking more assertive action (whatever that may be) to raise awareness so that they are helped and accepted where ever they go.

hmm right so that's my two cents for now...i've also got serious ants in my pants because in a few hours i will be heading up to the land of carrots (Ohakune) and spending some much anticipated time sliding around in the snow. And they have lots. It's been snowing ALL week and i'm taking monday off too as the sun is meant to shine on lots of light fluffy fresh pow pow. woop woop!

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