May 21, 2008


Don't tell anyone - i'm blogging at work. naughty!

Couple of great things from the last couple of days:

Craft night at Juniper - what a freaking great geeky way to have fun of an evening. And i officially want to either a)live at Juniper or b)kidnap Mindy. Happy with either :)

I'm not there - or that Bob Dylan Movie. Fabbo. Without giving too much away, i spent the first half, i don't get it. Then figured, it's Bob Dylan, i'm not meant to. By the end i'd wrapped my head around it - all the mystery, the masks, the characters of Dylan are there - you just have to look for them . My conclusion - Dylan is god. He is everything and nothing, everyone and noone. Oh and Heath Ledger - full frontal. yes indeedy.


Louise said...

Heh heh, I'm reading blogs at work - shhh! It was a cool night wasn't it? Was good to meet you. Mmmm, the lovely Heath. Might have to go to that Dylan movie...

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Blogging at work? Bad asssss. I'd be more worried if you were blogging at home! It's far more fun to pretend you get paid to blog. ha.

Had heaps of fun last night!