May 16, 2008

not much

Well, the week was a bit mad. Sitting on the bus i would have sworn it was about 8pm, when it was actually three hours earlier than that. 

Though there are some exciting things in the coming weeks:
  • we're doing knack! on a whim, i emailed asking about stalls - and there were cancellations!
  • one new project is on the cusp of being launched
  • crafternoon tea strikes again on sunday
  • there are exhibition openings around about tomorrow to attend
  • Surprise craft night at Juniper (preceded somehow by a pot luck slash castle construction do)
Not so exciting things:

  • My skin has gone ass. In particular, my forehead. I've never had very bad skin in my life...i'm going to blame the airconditioning at work. I think i shall have to splurge on some Trilogy cleanser. It's got comfrey, ya'know.
  • I'm tired
  • I still can't find my camera battery
  • i need to go to the supermarket before i sit down with my knitting 
i want to knit so much i'm going to prise myself from the chair right now to walk down to the giant yellow dairy on the corner. 

Here's hoping i find my battery!

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