July 29, 2008

oh yeah

that's right, I was going to post.

Holiday was mostly fabuloso. Not so fabuloso the whole being ditched thing so that boys could ride with boys. Tash is not a boy and so gets left at the top of the chairlift to entertain herself for the day.

Snowboarding is a very male-dominated sport. Whenever we head up the mountain, the boy and i always end up meeting more...boys. We'll hang out at the lodge, meet new people (boys) inevitably give lifts up the mountain to the boys, hang out with the boys, i'll get ditched so the boys can go be boys together and then every so often I will drive extra boys home. 

Trend, much?

At the time i smile graciously and put up with it. By the end of the weekend, or week, or whatever, i am gritting my teeth as the boy comes along and says, i'm just going to go do this with the boys...and i'm ready to have a mega tanty. 

Despite all that, the boys we met this time were pretty cool. A french guy (who we called frenchy cos it was easier than saying his name) and a welly boy. Tim and I ended up being surrogate tour guides to frenchy on the closed days, and then brought both him and the welly boy back down with us and then showed frenchy the sights of wellington before depositing him at the ferry terminal. On saturday. I hate to think how crap that sailing was. 

Though he was obviously blown away by the amount we did for him, it didn't bother me. It felt completely natural to show a total stranger round the countryside for a week. He cooked us dinner. It consisted of garlic, onions, potatoes, bacon and cheese. freaking brilliant. freaking french.

Spending that much time with frenchy made me realise just how much of my french i've forgotten. Words that i knew were buried in the dark recesses of my mind refused to come out of the cave. So i'm thinking i'm going to find a way to re-teach myself some vocab. just for fun.

I barely spoke any french to him though. He had come over to speak english, so that's what i let him do. I helped with the odd translation of words, but that's about it.  

I was going to post a photo of the most wonderful purple and yellow bruise i now have on my knee because i tried to keep up with the boys and got too tired. (i also have a couple on my behind but we won't go there) The bruise signalled the need to give up for the day. But i walked away from it knowing i'd got a whole lot better. And might just be able to ride with the boys next time. 

PS we wisely decided on tuesday not to stay for the weekend, and drove back on friday night. So we missed out on all the fun of being evacuated off Mt Ruapehu on Saturday. bummer. 

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